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Non Issue is a collaboration between Brooke Scibelli & Dyllan Nguyen, based in Boston, MA. Joining our interests in various media & processes, we make distinct handmade objects to solve everyday problems and add simple texture to life. From fine woods to felts and fibers, we carefully craft one-of-a-kind items to compliment the mass-produced, technology-driven world we live in. Follow our blog as we explore low tech methods and processes, develop short-run collections, and solve issues along the way. Check out our Work/Shop page to see new work, upcoming workshops, and live markets. Inquire below about custom orders & commissions. Learn more about our story in this interview hosted by Boston Voyager.

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Curious about what other issues we can solve? Hire us to design your new table, create shelving for your growing library, and much more. Message us using the contact form to the right.